Advantage End Result
Customizable: EnterpriseAxis® is tailored to your workflows and processes. Our system works the way your organization works and is branded with your own corporate identity. The platform thinks like you think. It’s intuitive so you work more seamlessly and with less downtime. What a relief!
Cost Reduction: By choosing our EnterpriseAxis® cloud delivery model, you save the cost of building and maintaining your own infrastructure to run the software. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced on upfront costs through the extended subscription term. Lower operational costs are realized by not having to implement and maintain software in-house. You only purchase the features and enhancements you need to run your office the way your office runs. Saves your organization money, higher profits at the end of the year or ability to reinvest in things that matter, like quality employees or bigger bonuses!
Speed and Flexibility: Your organization can scale EnterpriseAxis® up and down as needed with your corporate requirements within a much quicker time frame. The initial deployment of EnterpriseAxis® and adding more or reducing user seats is faster and less expensive due to the reduction of complex procurement and deployment cycles. No scrambling or panic when your company grows or downsizes, the system expands and contracts whenever you need it to. No headache or frustration!
Greater Connectivity and Mobility: By using EnterpriseAxis®, you can access your software and inherent data from any device and from anywhere there is access to the Internet. Just connect & go!! If you ever need to leave your desk or the office, you still have access through mobile platforms. Now you don’t have to miss your kids ball game!
Security and Reliability: Our data centers have cutting-edge, secure, and traceable data access trails. For business continuity and disaster recovery purposes, the EnterpriseAxis® servers and data are hosted in physically secure data centers with strict access control for their own staff and there is no access for unauthorized personnel. No waking up in the middle of the night worried someone in hacking into your secure data while you sleep. Rest easy, our system is locked up tight!
Collaboration, Integration, and Efficiency: EnterpriseAxis® provides quicker speeds in which your organization can interact with everyone and with more efficient ways for completing collaborative tasks. The EnterpriseAxis® approach for sharing information and driving business results is the way of the future. Employee self-service provides access to pay stubs, W-2s, reimbursements, allows for benefits changes, information updates, and submission of comments and suggestions. EnterpriseAxis® allows you to effectively manage an international workforce from any location with internet connectivity. Get out from all the administrative work and really focus on the things you love to do, like utilizing your HR skills for the things that really matter like helping your company succeed. Go on, you can do it! EnterpriseAxis HR Information System can take it from here.