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Government contractors are continuously seeking ways to reduce their multiplier, remain competitive and win more contracts. EnterpriseAxis® HR Information System is the perfect solution. Our affordable cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) is fast, secure, mobile and scalable.


As government agencies continue to reduce their Information Technology infrastructure by leveraging SaaS solutions, they quickly realized the advantages that cloud computing offers. Now, EnterpriseAxis® HR Information System allows you to realize the same benefits throughout your ENTIRE organization – not just IT. In addition, our technology is hosted in a datacenter that follows FISMA/NIST and HIPAA guidelines so there is no worry about data security. It’s your time to gain a tremendous advantage over your competition!


Competitive Advantages:

• Increase your award to bid ratio
• Lower overhead and General & Administrative cost pools
• Increase profits
• Provide data transparency and asset visibility
• Transition and implement projects quickly
• Increase employee satisfaction
• Decrease attrition rates
• Simplify Human Resource compliance
• Maintain an audit ready system
• Connect a geographically dispersed workforce
• Quickly expand and contract with scalable seat subscriptions
• Increase efficiency
• Experience peace of mind through system redundancy and professional support


Why are you waiting to reduce your expenses, lower your multiplier and win more contracts? EnterpriseAxis® HR Information System provides the speed, security, scalability, and mobility your organization needs, all at an affordable price. Just Connect & Go!!