If you’re an HR professional, you know that you spend only 25% of your time on activities that add real value to your organization, and the other 75% on administrative work! We understand you feel most appreciated when you’re able to work on true, value-added activities like designing better benefits plans, helping employees develop their skill sets, or building corporate moral. EnterpriseAxis HR Information System understands what you’re faced with every day, so we designed our system in a way that allows you to get back to the work you really love.

What do EnterpriseAxis HR Information System users think? Here’s what they have to say…

The system is intuitive and user-friendly. Clearly designed by someone who understands how HR thinks and works. Things are where they expect them to be. It flows with the HR process beautifully and exactly as expected. Navigating in the system is easy and most of it makes so much sense that not much additional training is required.

It just flows and is very easy to use. It’s common sense, simplicity…We LOVE it!! Great system! Makes our lives so much easier. We are a very happy customer.” 

HR Executive